February 8, 2009

more cheap fly tying finds

I hit the streets of Fargo yesterday on a mission to get stocked up on a few fly tying supplies. I managed to score some sweet deals on some dyed hares masks for a buck apiece, a couple of nice dyed rabbit skins for under $3. Even though I wasn't specifically looking for those items, you can't pass up a good bargain.

Next on the list was beadchain. Fly shop prices on the stuff is ridiculous. Even the stuff they sell in the jewelry section in craft stores is fairly, though markedly cheaper than fly shop markups. The light bulb went on in Mrs. Roughfisher's head the other day when she told me to go to the hardware store for some beadchain. I don't know why I had never thought of it before, but it was brilliant. I strolled in to the hardware store and found spools of #6 and #10 beadchain in both nickel and brass finishes. Awesome. Way cheaper than any other source.

Beadchain spools
On to the craft store, I was picking up a rotary cutter and some adhesive when Mrs. Roughfisher pointed out the bargain of the day, Latch Hook yarn. They had packages of the 2.5" precut lengths of 100% acrylic yarns on clearance, 320 pieces. Normally retailing for 99¢ a bag, I picked up wide array of discontinued colors like roughfisher brown, caddis green, rusty crawfish orange, and cahill cream for 8¢ a pack. I know those aren't the actual color names on the packs, but they might as well be; Maybe not the desired color for a latch hook, but perfect for dubbing blends. You're looking at about a third of a penny per yard of material. The added bonus is that they are already perfectly cut to size to add to the fur grinder.

yarn bragain
I think Mrs. Roughfisher deserves a raise.

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  1. The only thing that gives me more satisfaction than fishing is finding a bargain on... well anything. Hats off!

  2. Funny man - I have some of those packets of yarn - same brand even. They were on clearance at my wife's craft store.

    Why does the hardware store sell bead chain? What was the cost?

  3. WB: for ceiling fans. retail in the store for stainless #6 was $.49 and the #10 was between $0.79 and $0.99.

    You can buy the 100 ft spools of #6 at the ACE hardware outlet online for between $0.16 to $0.21 a foot, depending on whether or not you want brass or stainless.

    The online store was cheaper, but the brick and mortar store had more color variety for the #10. Also, if you don't need 100' of bead chain, it is nice to be able to cut the amount you need.

  4. Good find - thanks for the info. I have a bead chain that will be around for quite a while... but will note this source when the time comes to restock.

  5. Great find on the bead chain, I used to see it when all the bath tubs had chain stoppers, now all the new construction has shower stalls.

    Anything to save a nickle is sweet.