August 12, 2008

The results are in

The mini carp fly swap that was conducted between John Montana, Wendy Berrell, and Mr. P is complete. My wife called to inform me that my flies arrived in the mail yesterday. Sweet. These are some killer fly patterns, that have been proven in the field by some outstanding and accomplished anglers. It's been a privilege to participate and contribute to the mini swap with these fine anglers. Thanks.

It may be a few weeks before I'll be able to chase after some carp and buffalo, but these flies will provide plenty of inspiration. These flies are unlikely to ever be fished, but they will serve as a template for future ties. I typically don't fish the flies I receive from a swap; I keep a copy of each fly to use as a master pattern for tying clones in the future. Photographs and a recipe are great, but nothing beats having the real thing in front of you. I have heard the lament of many an angler that lost their only copy of a favorite producing fly they received in a swap. I will not suffer the same fate.

Check out Wendy's photos of the fly swap entries at his blog.

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