August 28, 2008


I'm back from vacation, and recharged. Like every other holiday, this one ended much too soon. A touch of fall is definitely in the air; many parts of the Arrowhead received their first frost of the season last weekend. Fall colors are starting to appear, and the kids are all headed back to school, a sure sign that summer is over. One of the perks of Fall is that most of the tourists abandon the local lakes and streams, and leave them to the residents through ice up. Nice.I didn't even stow away a rod this trip. Frankly it was nice to just be able to relax and savor my last few moments of peace and quiet before my son is born next month. I found these chubs taking refuge in a tiny pool off of the Baptism River. They were spared any harassment by this roughfisher. They can run but they can't hide, the famous falls of Tettegouche lie ahead.

I'm going on strong, and will be charging hard in September. My fishing days are numbered and I've got a score to settle.

Fish beware.

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