August 19, 2008

0 for 2, 1 to go

Well, I've been blown out for two days straight now. The wind has been pounding high surf into the North Shore; you'd be more akin to donning the wetsuit and long board than fishing in this weather. Definitely a beautiful day out, but the waves crashing the breakwall were gnarly.

The view from Park Point, Duluth

I fished for about 10 minutes last night before determining two things: I needed to keep my eyes on the water or I'd be in big trouble, and two, if I managed to catch a fish in the howling wind, I'd be hell bent on getting it landed without taking my eyes off the waves. After watching nearly a foot of water clear the concrete walkway one step below me, I packed my shit and got the heck out of the there. I didn't want to be fished out of the Twin Ports with a gaff by some swabbie donning corpse handling gloves.

Today was just as windy, with a small craft advisory, so I've had to bag the last two nights of fishing. I've got one more shot tomorrow evening to bring home some trout or salmon. The wind is expected to switch to the south, so hopefully there will be some relief and the waves will not be that bad. My plans for having some smoked trout and salmon are quickly fading, and frankly, it's not looking good. If all else fails I can bring home some smoked fish from a famous smokehouse just down the highway, but it just not the same.

I'm beginning to smell a skunk.

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  1. There's surfing in MN? I'll be there with my long board asap.