August 11, 2008


I'll be working on the North Shore over the next few weeks, so I can't pass up an opportunity to take a shot at some salmon, char, and trout. The carp will have to wait.

My first evening on the big lake did not start well. As I was unpacking my gear, my fillet knife was put in its sheath backward by someone, not me, and happened to poke through the sheath, and the cordura sling pack I was carrying it in. The knife was not dull. When I grabbed my pack, the knife literally sliced right through my right index finger and pierced the ring finger next to it. Luckily, I had a first aid kit in the vehicle and did some quick medic work before making my way out to the breakwater. This cut was deep, it's possible some would have gotten stitched for it, but not this roughfisher. Fish were to be had.

When I got to the end of the breakwater, I casted a orange and chrome 1/2 oz spoon into about 100 FOW and after a few retrieves found a beautiful Salvelinus namaycush on the end of my line. Unfortunately, while trying to land the fish it got off and was able to swim another day; that fish was headed for the smoker. It was approximately 22-24" long. Perfect. In hindsight, that was the most action I would see all night long. My coworker managed to catch his first lake trout, a 8" specimen. Not the largest fish, but you have to start somewhere. At least he didn't get the skunk.

When I got back to the hotel, I applied steri-strips to my wound and some neosporin. Hopefully I can let this heal up quickly. Fortunately, with my baitcaster set up I was using, I am able to avoid using my right index finger while reeling and grip the rod with my left hand, something I would not be able to do with my flyrod. I guess I am fortunate to be throwing gear. Hopefully I'll be able to fill my cooler with a few fish this trip. Daddy's got to eat.


  1. Man. That sounds painful. I was cringing while reading. Good luck up on the shore... what a time to be there. That lake is a real presence... love it.

  2. Self inflicted and "Bleeding profusely" is perilously close to the gentleman's version of chumming.

    Not allowed.

    If amputation was involved - where you gnawed it off like a starved wolf, then you get a Pulitzer.

    ... and our sympathy.

  3. I laugh at that comment Keith, because I didn't catch shit out there tonight, and I was wondering if the fish liked the antiseptic from the first aid kit or the taste of my blood. I have to believe it was the taste of my blood.

    I wonder if char like toes?