August 21, 2008

Goose Egg

I officially got the skunk for the trip, by finishing 0 for 3 this week, with only one showing. No trout for the smoker. My two week fish count = 1 lost lake trout at the surface. Ouch. On the bright side, due to delays with our project work, I may get a couple more nights of salmon and trout fishing in at the beginning of next month. Bonus. I just hope I'm finished with work on the North Shore before my wife goes into labor; she's due in early October.

The roughfisher will leave for a much needed vacation this weekend. Ironically, I'll be going back to the North Shore for some R&R with Mrs. Roughfisher. Nothing like a two day turnaround to make the 5 hour plus trip back to Duluth and points North. The rods will be left at home; some brief hiking, sight-seeing, agate hunting, an auto tour, and relaxation are on the itinerary. I'm looking forward to some beach time with the wife. Of course, if I'm hard up, I can always grab a rod out of the work truck in Two Harbors and hit the breakwall. I doubt I'll need to resort to those measures, though. I've got about a month or so left of some peace and quiet before my world changes again. I've got to make the best of it.

I'll be back in full force at the end of next week, and hope to report back good news on some roughfish outings. I need to put those carp swap flies to the test. With my daughter going back to daycare next week, my Fridays will once again be free until Thanksgiving. I've only got a couple more weekends left to take advantage of before Jr. Roughfisher comes along. Looks to me like a good excuse to hit the water.

You all behave while I'm gone now. Cheers.


  1. Enjoy the fishing while you can, because in my experience the 2nd kid makes for a greater decrease in fishing time than the first one did. When we had one kid, I still got to fish. When we had a second, I never got to fish. As they're getting older (1 1/2 and 3 1/2), fishing's coming back--slowly. The amount of time and energy taken by 2 kids isn't just twice the amount taken by one kid. It's more like 4 times.
    The good part is that later they want to fish with you and then you have an ironclad excuse to go fishing.
    Congratulations on the impending addition to the family.

  2. I've always assumed that congratulations should be saved until they're 18 and are forced to fish or cut bait.

    One to mow the lawn, and one to tie your flies for you, that's not a bad gig if you can pull it off..

    Show the Missus a good time, you'll be gripping cork soon enough

  3. "the rods will be left at home"

    Except for a six piece traveling bit that you can stow away in the far reaches of the trunk, right?

    I've taken to telling my wife that I'm bringing a rod everywhere, because I don't want to lay eyes on a 25 lb carp and have no means.

  4. WB, I truly did leave the rods at home, not even the sneaker trunk rod. This is only the 2nd vacation my wife and I have had alone since 3/2004. I had a great time and didn't regret not fishing one bit.

    Of course the next time, there will be no hiding of the rods.

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