January 28, 2009

the roughfisher Fly Shack

I've been working on an idea over the past month. It involves massive fly storage and trying not to drop over $50 bones on a case. There are some great fly boxes on the market in recent years, including the Beast series from Cliff Outdoors, and the newer Flambeau Fly Lockers. But they are much too spendy for this roughfisher.

After some investigating, I researched a few case designs and came across a style that I liked. The style is available in a few different sizes, so there affords some flexibility in storage capacity and portability. There are two snap-on latches to keep the box shut, and even a slot to zip tie or lock the box.

The roughfisher Fly Shack and Mini Shack
The roughfisher Fly Shack and Mini Shack, alternate view
The interior dimensions of the Fly Shack are 11.5" x 7.75" x 2.5", lined with slotted foam to keep fly hooks snugly in place. The Mini Shack dimensions are 8" x 4.5" x 2.25", perfect to fit enough flies for a weekend outing.

Fly Shack interior
I've got a limited production run going for the Fly Shacks, and if there is any demand, the Mini Shacks in the near future.

It'll cost ya $40 for the Fly Shack and $30 for the Mini Shack.

Send inquiries to: admin @ roughfisher.com.

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