January 13, 2009

Balmy here in MN

You know it's cold when:

You had to plug your truck in overnight just so it could start in the morning.
A huge vapor cloud rolls into the hallway every time the outside door is opened.
The air is so dense that you can hear a vehicle's backup alarm from a mile away.
The door to your truck won't shut all the way.
Ice fog forms because the water vapor in the air has completely frozen.
Vapor from the vehicle in front of you turns to ice crystals and falls like snow.
The sun has an icy halo surrounding it (sundog).
The thermometer says it's -35°F.

Supposedly, the colder weather is on its way. Yikes.

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  1. Did I mention I fished in sunny, near-60 degree weather today? Oh, I did.

  2. On the Russian front the trick was to mix gasoline with your oil to keep it moving and viscous.

    They'd light a pan of gas under the engine each morning to thaw it out. Warn your neighbors first.