January 18, 2009

2008 roughfisher.com Beast of the Year

Pete McDonald's Bowfin
The winner of the 2008 roughfisher.com Beast of the Year contest is Pete from Fishing Jones. This bowfin, Amia calva, was caught in Florida, truly kicking it old school: dinosaur style. These little doggies have some wicked sharp teeth, a ferocious appetite, and are able to breathe air. A living fossil. Nasty!

Congratulations Pete!

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  1. A New Yorker wins with a mudfish, while donning Reel Pure regalia.

    I smell a fix (or is that fish).

  2. Come on man, I'm a Floridian at heart, MG. I was actually fishing for snakeheads when that fish hit. And I lost the Reel Pure hat in a bar later.

  3. Since you hit the bar immediately after the outing, I'm not going to call Price Waterhouse and demand an audit of the voting.

    NOTE: If you caught that mud on anything less that 12lb, it could be a state record. It is a pig, and my accusation was founded in one part jealousy, and one part that I really want one of those fricken hats!