May 10, 2008

Sunfish = Bad for designated stream trout lake.

I don't know what would give a clown the bright idea of putting sunfish into a trout lake, but the results can be devastating. This bluegill washed up on shore this morning on my local trout pond. I was told by the Area Fisheries Supervisor responsible for managing this lake, that there were sunfish present in this lake, as far back as two years ago. I had not confirmed the presence of sunfish until this morning; up until then I was living in denial. That is quite unfortunate because, the lake was reclaimed with rotenone in 2004, an expensive process. Subsequent years provided some excellent fishing. Even on slow days you would catch fish. I had done my fair share of catching rainbows here over the years. Unbelievably, I did not get one single bite this morning in three hours. For reference, I had my limit of fish in an hour on last year's opener. This is a shame, as this was one of my favorite ice fishing spots.

What a bunch of meatheads...

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