May 5, 2008

Now That's what I'm talking about!

I measured 32" on this buffalo from yesterday, using my fishing pole. It was as long as the butt section to the first guide on my 6'6" rod. I wish I would have gotten a girth measurement, but it was as big around as a football. It was a piggie, easily 20 lbs. I wish I had gotten a better photo of this fish, but it splashed my camera lens, so the other pics I took of it were blurry. This photo does not do this fish justice.

This is what buffalo fishing is all about.


  1. was looking over your blog and enjoyed it. would you mind if i added it to my links on fladuckdays?

  2. Feel free to add the link. You've got a nice blog as well, I'll add you to my blogroll

  3. ill put it up now.

    thanks for adding me as well. keep up the fishing!

  4. 1/2 of a garden hackle on a size 4 gamakatsu octopus tipped with split shot.

    It's been tough fishing with flies lately, due to the high turbidity from the snow melt and the pressure from bowfishers & spearers. I'm sure I could catch fish on flies right now, but my catch rate would drop from a 25-50 fish day, to 6 or 8, tops. The spring run of fish up here is amazing. If that water's turbid, I'm not going to pass up fish, just so I can say I caught it on a fly. That's what the rest of the season is for ;).