May 17, 2008

The shorthead redhorse have made their way upstream to spawn. I found a bunch fish schooled up in a current eddy on the Upper Otter Tail. They were actively spawning. It's the first time I've seen them up here. I've heard reports of carp making it this far upstream , but never shortheads. This holds promise, as now I have a spring redhorse spot less than 10 minutes from home. I'm psyched.

This male shorthead had highly developed tubercles on his anal and caudal fins.

I was primarily fishing soft hackled wet flies on my 6 wt. Fish were actively taking flies on the lift, which is indicative of an emerging nymph. I mixed it up and tied on a bunch of different patterns to see if these fish were keying in on anything specific. That was not the case, as they took everything from a soft hackled prince nymph, antron special, gold ribbed hare's ear, to a san juan carp killer.

I also caught a few white suckers. There were a few females still full of eggs and a few males releasing milt. These fish are near the tail end of their spawning run.

I Redhorse


  1. When you say "upper" Otter Tail, where are you talking about? Are you finding redhorse and carp north (upstream) of Frazee? I've never heard of them up there, but I guess i don't know where you are. I am guessing you are close to highway 10 south of Frazee.

  2. I'm talking about fish making their way upstream of the Pines. Their numbers aren't huge like the sections of the Lower Otter Tail, but they are in there.