March 7, 2008

Red Faced Wobbler

hook: size 6 Mustad 9672, or other 3x long 1x heavy streamer hook
thread: 6/0 UNI, red
weight: .020" lead free wire
head: saddle hackle, red
body: krystal chenille or estaz, white
tail: marabou, white; krystal flash, pearl

Place hook in vise, and wrap thread along the shank to the hook bend. Wrap wire along hook shank to desired weight. Tie in a clump of marabou at the hook bend, creating a tail. Tie in a few strands of krystal flash on each side of tail. Tie in a 4" strand of krystal chenille. Wrap thread forward to a few eye lengths behind hook eye, leaving room for a head. Wrap the chenille forward to a few eye lengths behind hook eye. Trim chenille to form a tapered body (use of curved scissors is helpful). Tie in a saddle hackle near the head, making sure to remove the webby fibers. Palmer the hackle two or three times around Tie off. Build a small head with the thread, whip finish and epoxy the thread.

This fly was featured in the latest issue of Fly Tyer magazine. Their intended use was for smallmouth bass, but many other species of fish will take this fly. I've tied a version of this fly using peacock chenille. You can tie this fly in any variety of colors.

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