March 2, 2008


hook: size 2-4 Mustad 34007 or other saltwater hook
thread: 3/0 UNI, brown
weight: hour glass eyes
body: krystal chenille, peacock/pearl
wing: bucktail, olive
legs: Sili legs, olive
antennae: krystal flash, rootbeer

Place hook in vise and wrap thread behind eye. Tie in the hour glass eyes on top of the hook shank, behind the eye, using a figure eight wrap. Put a bead of epoxy on the threads. Wrap thread back to hook bend. Tie in 4 pieces of krystal flash, about one hook length. Tie in four pieces of sili legs, about one hook length. Tie in a 6" strand of krystal chenille and wrap forward, evenly, to the hourglass eyes. Tie off and trim. Rotate your vise so the hook is upside down. Take a bunch of bucktail, trim to one hook length, and tie in behind the hook eye. Build up a head and whip finish. Tie off and epoxy the threads thoroughly.

Fish this pattern like a crawfish, slow and low. Carp will say yum!


  1. These flies are impressive. Nice work man... can't wait to get out and fish so I can lose a bunch of flies, and then replenish. You're probably feeling the same way.

  2. I figure I have about a solid month wait, before the river's start opening up enough to fish up here. usually by early april there's enough snow melt and the suckers start getting active and are in pre-spawn mode.

    Tying's getting old, I need to do some fishing!

  3. I feel you on that one. Losing flies is more fun than tying them.

    I've got a new landscape down here to learn (just moved from Northfield in June of last year). I had just perfected my old carp route... now to develop another one is the task at hand.

  4. You better get scouting Wendy! I'll be there in just over a month! Dying for that trip.

    Nice Tie 9wt...i think the columbia river carp would dig that fly.