March 2, 2008


hook: size 2-4 Mustad 34007 or other saltwater hook
thread: 3/0 UNI, brown
weight: hour glass eyes
body: krystal chenille, peacock/pearl
wing: bucktail, olive
legs: Sili legs, olive
antennae: krystal flash, rootbeer

Place hook in vise and wrap thread behind eye. Tie in the hour glass eyes on top of the hook shank, behind the eye, using a figure eight wrap. Put a bead of epoxy on the threads. Wrap thread back to hook bend. Tie in 4 pieces of krystal flash, about one hook length. Tie in four pieces of sili legs, about one hook length. Tie in a 6" strand of krystal chenille and wrap forward, evenly, to the hourglass eyes. Tie off and trim. Rotate your vise so the hook is upside down. Take a bunch of bucktail, trim to one hook length, and tie in behind the hook eye. Build up a head and whip finish. Tie off and epoxy the threads thoroughly.

Fish this pattern like a crawfish, slow and low. Carp will say yum!