March 23, 2008

The monkey is gone; I finally caught a tullibee (cisco) this weekend to add to my lifelist. I got out on a local lake an hour before sunrise. The fresh snow added up to around 8 inches, I was glad I brought my snowmobile. When I first got out on the lake, there was so much powder, the drive belt on the sled started slipping on the clutch and smoked a little; crazy. I got out to the spot and set up in 63 fow. There were literally thousands of tullibees under the ice, the motherload! There were so many fish under the ice that it was difficult using my flasher; it was difficult to distinguish the mark of my lure from all of the fish. The fishing was good and the action was heavy. Between the three of us there, we caught well over a hundred fish in the morning. I wish all of the days could be like this.

This was likely my last trip out on the ice for the season. I'm glad I ended it on a good note. This has been a long winter, and though I am glad I was able to get some good riding in this season, I am more than ready to hit the river for some fly fishing action. Warmer temps later in this week will bring the hope of my first open water trip of the season. The river beckons!

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