March 2, 2008

Purple Haze nymph

hook: size 10-12 Tiemco 2457 or other 2x heavy scud hook
thread: 6/0 UNI, black
head: 6/0 czech glass bead, purple
body: tinsel chenille, purple
gills: antron yarn, white

Put the bead on the hook and place in vise, leaving the bead at the hook bend. Tie in a piece of antron yarn on the hook shank, over the hook eye. Tie off thread. Slip bead forward to just behind the eye. Tie in the thread behind the bead. Wrap thread back to the end of the hook bend. Tie in a strand of tinsel chenille. Wrap thread forward to the bead. Wrap the chenille forward, evenly, to the bead. Tie off and trim, whip finish and epoxy the thread. Trim the antron to proportion.

I don't know if carp will take a purple caddis imitation, but why the hell not try it anyway.

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