May 2, 2011

Scientific Anglers to the Rescue

Check out the next batch of goodies, courtesy of Scientific Anglers.

Scientific Anglers comes to the rescue
SA's leaders and tippet are always a solid combo for that crucial fly to fly line connection. Always gotta keep stocked on these essentials; you can never have enough tippet. I'm psyched to fish their new textured line series, like their Nymph/Indicator line or GPX taper. The textured lines should be a perfect marriage of the benefits of their Sharkskin lines, like less line memory, high flotation, and higher durability, meanwhile saving your hands a bit from being chaffed from line screaming off the spool from a running fish.

Of particular interest to me is the Mastery Series Coldwater Redfish line. While I'd love to be out on the salt marshes casting this line to redfish, this line will serve duty out on the carp flats. Featuring a short front taper and a half-heavy head, this line will be perfect for getting off quick shots at tailing carp. The Coldwater version of this line is perfect for environments below 70°F, featuring a soft PVC line and braided multifilament nylon core which will help with turnover in colder water. The line also features a larger diameter running line, very helpful when fishing from a boat or wading out on the flats. This might quite possibly be the perfect carp fly line. I'll have a chance to put this line to a true test later this month. More details on that to follow.


  1. I think you'll find that Expert Distance works wonders - it's a fave around the DSP gang.

  2. @MG: that, and with the info disclosed my Mr. Crabtree, it was a no-brainer to pick up the Extra Distance line...