May 16, 2011

the GreenFish movement

I was recently added to the GreenFish Ambassador Team, joining the likes of other industry notables like Conway Bowman, Dr. Zeb Hogan, Teeg Stouffer, Eric Wallace, Dave McCoy, and Kirk Werner to name just a few. Why should you care about GreenFish? Because they support the resource. Sustainable fishing is important to us all, regardless of if you are a commercial or recreational fisherman. Without the resource, we will have nothing to fish. GreenFish supports clean angling techniques and promotes the proper way to catch and release fish. They are pro resource, understanding that harvest can be a beneficial means towards a sustainable fishery. Better yet, through the sales of their apparel line, GreenFish donates 5% of all revenues to a select group of organizations that share their mission of protecting recreational fishing, promoting responsible fishing and rebuilding our fisheries and marine environments. GreenFish supports groups that are pro-fishing and also pro-fish. Every time you purchase one of their products, you can choose which organization you'd like to support with 5% of the purchase price through their GreenFish Gives program.

Greenfish Fly Tee
Besides, their clothes just look good!

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