March 7, 2011

Montana Fly Company

Thanks to the folks over at Outside Media for hooking a brutha up with some goodies from Montana Fly Company. Typically, it seems, when you get a package of product samples for testing/review, you get the dregs from the bottom of the bargain basement bin. You know, the stuff nobody wants that retailers can't get rid of on the sales floor. Maybe, out of a handful of product, would you be able to find something that might find some utility or useful purpose. Not is the case with this goody box. Aside from the dubbing, enclosed were all items that I would either likely or seriously consider purchasing from a retail outlet. Note: Nothing was wrong the dubbing, the stuff looks great; I'm just too cheap to buy dubbing anymore now that I can make my own.

Montana Fly Co. goodies
If anyone's paid close enough attention, those infamous speckled legs I use on my Carp Crack and other rubber legged patterns are none other than the centipede legs from MFC. I like MFC's products, so it was a no-brainer when I was asked to take a closer look at some of their other products. I'll experiment a bit behind the vise and see what I can come up with from these materials and tools. I'll get back to you all and let you know how it all went. In the meantime, keep it rough.

Caveat Emptor: Products were provided courtesy of Montana Fly Company/Outdoor Media, in exchange for review and extensive product testing.

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