March 30, 2011

The Chimes of Freedom

Old Glory

It has come to my understanding that there is a small faction of my viewership, or should I say former viewership, that is unhappy with my recent posts on firearms. To all you folks out there who don't believe in our right to bear arms, well, you can all go and fuck yourselves. That's right, I said it; I don't really care if you don't follow the blog anymore. The Second Amendment is a core of the foundation of our great nation, whether you choose to believe it or not. I'm not going to go into a rant on here on why the Second Amendment is a necessary component of our freedom, or of the merits of gun ownership, but I will give you a virtual bitch slap for comparing my responsible ownership of a firearm to a violent crime committed by some dipshit who disrespects life.

This is not an issue of Left or Right. Gun crimes and deaths unfortunately occur across the country every year, but so do malpractice deaths, vehicular accidents, lung cancer deaths, poisonings, falls, etc. Yet, if you look at the actual numbers, gun deaths are one of the lowest causes of death. Don't believe me, then take a look at the facts. So how can some "hippie fly fisherman who listens to the Dead", support guns and gun ownership? Because I am an American first and foremost, and transcend above labels and stereotypical ideology.

For those who may ask why a fly angler needs guns, the answer is simple, I like to harvest my own fly tying materials as well as provide the occasional meal to my family. While I don't feel obligated to justify the needs nor defend my rights to gun ownership, I will say that a game animal taken in the humane manner of hunting suffers far less in providing its flesh and hide than any livestock slaughtered from a feed lot. For those fly anglers or tyers who think that they are above the need for guns or weapons of any form in order to participate in this sport, think again. Hand over those flies. Hell, handover those gotdamned $50 Abel nippers hanging from your vest, as the TSA likely classifies that as a weapon too.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

I don't tolerate violence of any form, but in the course of preserving freedom, understand that sometimes it is a necessary evil to bear arms in order to defend the rights that made this great nation what it is today. The very fact that we are able to voice opinion in an open forum without fear of persecution or even death (unlike the folks in Libya, Egypt, Turkey, the list goes on and on) is a very testament to the rights many have served and died to protect. For all those servicemen and women and members of the law enforcement community, I want to thank you for your service. To all of the men and women who have died while in the line of duty, there is nothing that I can do or say other than to proudly honor your memory for sacrificing your lives defending the freedoms of our great nation. You will not be forgotten.


  1. fred and freda used to read the roughfisher. then he started buying guns. thety were aghast! they posted a spiteful rant about the dangers of gun ownership and the creepy people who owned them. fishing for carp was one thing, a soccer mom and her family could be allowed the naughty titilation that came from FLYFISHING for lower order lifeforms and he was against bowfishing after all. but guns!, a girl and her family had to draw the line somewhere.

    the roughfisher ranted back, as he did a stiff breeze ran up his backside...patriotic fervor, perhaps. guns are great! guns with lots of ammunition are even better! yes!, a mantra for the new millenium.

    then TEOTWAWKI, SHTF and WTF!!!!

    the roughfisher was safe and secure in his rural retreat. his family well fed on cute and fuzzy mammals taken with the object of urban scorn. occasionally the kids were treated to carp jerky, a special favorite at the roughfisher compound.

    things were not going so well for fred and freda. no fuel for the range rover, they had actually started eating at home. with the kids! and those little, greedy bastards were HUNGRY! their phones and gaming paraphernalia were kaput and they were BORED! come to think of it, freda was hungry and bored too. that damn fred wasn't much of a provider, was he? that night fred provided. it turned out there were lots of freds. freda was still trim and freds weren't all that bright anyway. soon there were bands of fredas roaming the countryside with their verminous broods. like a plague of locusts they ate anything that didn't eat them first. it turned out that that process was unsustainable.

    little pockets of relative plenty existed. watched over by people with guns. the fredas and their broods laid siege to one after another. the body count was high, but there were only so many bullets and the fredas realized an economy of labor. the freshly dead just lay there, almost like in a supermarket.

    it came to pass that the roughfisher compound lay in the wake of the ravenous hordes. roughfisher and his family slaughtered untold numbers of their beseigers, but like everyone before, there were only so many bullets.

    as the roughfisher lay writhing on the ground, freda's delightful four inch stiletto heel pressed against his throat. she said, "jp, you were right. guns don't kill people, people kill people".

  2. You definitely win the award for most elaborate comment. Beware of the zombie apocalypse in 2012!

  3. zombies don't scare me a bit.
    they're simple: die, eat, die.

    "regular" people make me crap my pants!

  4. Next time you come into town, we're going straight from the airport to the range. Nate and Wells will be joining us.