September 13, 2010

Money Shot

el bandito, Michael Gracie © 2010
Photo used by permission from Michael Gracie © 2010

A big thanks to Michael Gracie for not leaving me out to die after a severe bout with "altitude sickness".

brutha from another mutha
Stay tuned for the full recap on the DSP.


  1. altitude, it'll get ya every time. When I lived at 7,500' I swear I was sick for most of the year.

  2. If I didn't know it was you JP i'd have thought it was one of the local melitia brandishing one of his weapons of choice.

  3. Who's that tool wearing sunglasses indoors? What an f-ing poseur.

  4. damn, you beat me to it MG! Kanye West syndrome?

    In all seriousness, few things bother me more than missing such a fantastic outing with the crew. I really need to get my shit together, scrap up some money, and make this trip with you fellas next year.

    And JP could be in a full head-dress, the Milwaukee's BEAST shirt gives him away every time.

    Can't wait to read the full story JP.

  5. Is that one of those european Man-purses?

    Just askin ...

  6. naw, it's a satchel