September 3, 2010


Hard to believe it's September already. The weeks have flown by, countless days wasted working instead of being spent out on the river. Morning lows are finally threatening to dip into the thirties. Crimson hues are beginning to encompass the fringes of those saccharin laden maples, contrasting against the golden yellow school buses studiously making their way through the neighborhood route. While fall marks the return to school for most children, September also means that the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) Show is just around the corner.

Hurricane High Gravity
This year the roughfisher is making the voyage west to Denver to make the retailer show. That means a taco truck full of sick carnitas burritos, afternoons on the Dirty South Platte, and evenings chugging down some High Gravity a mile high. Thanks to MG the roughfisher has a couch to crash on and a throne to leave his mark behind. Sure, we will hit the show, make a few bizness transactions, and crash the annual after show parties like the Drake Flyfishing Video Awards. We'll be privy to sneak peaks at new products for 2011, maybe even post a few gear pics or reviews; I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time. I only wonder if Anheuser-Busch will be there so I can get sponsored by High Gravity...

We will be on the prowl. Our posse runs deep; flanked with the Primal Fly crew Denver is about to get the taste slapped out of its mouth. Time to go browntown and wreck some shit.

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  1. look up Biker Jim's Dog's while in town.

    I'd consider swinging into Denver but that's my anniversary weekend so... we'll be up in the mountains or west in the desert