September 17, 2010

Get the Ark Ready

Fancy flow charts don't lie. Flows on the Otter Tail downstream of Fergus Falls are currently running at 1760 cfs. That's higher than what we had for spring flows, even after an above average snow pack.

shitty flows
This is the third highest flow on the OT since I moved up here in 2004, and the fourth highest peak flow since flows were first recorded in 1931. Current flows are nearly nine times the median for flows this time of year.
Other historical peak flows:
May 29, 2001: 2,040 cfs;
June 03, 2007: 2,000 cfs;
April 23, 2009: 2,020 cfs.

Just when I thought I was gonna get my game back together and start the fall hunt for sea donkeys... FML.


  1. WTF???

    I'll be in Minneapolis in a couple weeks, pulling a Tuesday off the office calendar for "unspecified meetings" - I hope the water there is down to pre-ark levels.

  2. Flows in MSP area should still be legit for the time being, but the OT is out of its gourd right now. I may try and get out on Friday, but my guess is that it is only fishable for shore as it is likely unwadeable at this point.