September 30, 2009


The roughfisher is headed back to the homeland in January. In addition to kicking back some portagee sausage, shave ice, and spam musubi, there have been visions of pursuing the peacock. Tucunare.

Residing in Lake Wilson alongside rogue cichlids, red devils, snakeheads, oscars, pacu, and tilapia, the reservoir is the United Nations of brown. A dumping ground for aquarium enthusiasts everywhere, the pond houses predators from across the globe, including the American favorites, large and smallmouth bass. Son!

The weather on Oahu in January is quite rainy, and often unpredictable for inland fishing. It might be a crapshoot, but still worthy of an attempt. I'll need a little help since a boat is necessary to fish the reservoir, but I recall a promise my wife made to me awhile back, essentially granting me permission to go fishing for peacocks on our next trip west. I can't let the opportunity slide without a fighting chance. If the weather is shitty, there is always plan B: bones...

Sometimes, life is a beach.

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  1. You mean I fished for tuna when I could have fished for big peacock bass?

  2. Hell yeah you could have. But I'd go for ahi any day.

  3. Yeah man. You've been holding out. Didn't know you've hit them before. I heard they were in Kauai but didn't know Oahu too. Well played.

    Any shot of you going salty and chasing some of those Hawaiian bones?

  4. @fishingjones: plan B is the salt, and I can always toss gear if need be. PS, you were the victim of photoshoppery. I am a peacock virgin.