November 21, 2008

R & R

Winter is officially here. I watched the mercury plummet to a balmy zero degrees fahrenheit this morning. Yipes. Even the big lakes locked up with ice overnight. That is officially too cold for fly fishing here in Roughfisher country. I'm glad I was able to savor the season for one last time the other day before reality finally set in.

Instead, I'm kicking up my heels, on the couch with a 2 Below Ale in hand, ready to watch the #1 ranked Gopher hockey squad kick the tar out of the Denver Pioneers. Nothing like a little R&R.

Should be a good weekend.


  1. Feet up on the couch nursing a Brewski?

    Where's the rough part of the Roughfisher - I figured you'd be sporting pictures of frozen limbs, tales of frostbite and amputation, and drilling holes in brown ice with a small block Chevy and a stew ladle...

    It was a frigid 70 degrees here today, but I laughed in the face of Death and drug myself out to the river anyways...

  2. You must not have read my other post. I paid my dues to the weather gods the other day. Time to relax before I hit the ice in the next few weeks.

  3. I'd argue for the supremacy of ECAC hockey but...