November 7, 2008

Double Dirty

So you've probably seen the epicurean delight that the Trout Underground uncovered, the bacon and maple bar wrapped dog. Those are some luscious, low-density lipoproteins. A pure culinary delight to any fat-ass. Not to be outdone by a blueliner, I hit the kitchen laboratory and conjured up plate of genius device: The Dirty Dog*.

Pure unadulterated epicurean enjoyment

Inspired by a ghastly creation from a Minneapolis dive featured on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, I took a perfectly good Johnsonville Beddar Cheddar sausage and smothered it in grilled steak and onions, covered with yellow mustard and served in a baguette. I even made a roughfisher version, substituting the Beddar Cheddar for a Johnsonville jalapeƱo and cheese sausage. That's got bite.

Don't bother sending your angioplasty bills here, those dirty dogs were for demonstration purposes only. And remember to eat your vegetables, even if they were pickled in garlic and mustard spices. Tums anyone?

*Eat at your own risk. assumes no liability for coronary heart disease, indigestion, or diarrhea.


  1. If we go fishing, ever ... I'll make the lunches.

    It'll be tofu-watermelon sandwiches - topped gracefully with watercress leaves and mint.

    The thought of hiking out of some watershed with the semi-digested pig-parts sandwich rattling around in my gut is unsettling.

    You go with my "green" Californication menu and we'll be pirouetting on the trail, gracefully hopping from boulder to boulder - scares hell out of the locals...

  2. Yum! That looks good. Can you fed-ex me one?

  3. I get a pain in my chest just looking at it -so it must be good!