September 5, 2008


I popped down to the river for a brief hour with my wife this afternoon. I have noticed a prolific hatch of giant zebra midges in the region over the past week. I figured the fish would have to be keying in on these, so I tied up a couple of imitations last night to try out today. It was a grey antron body with grizzly hackle palmered across, with silver bead chain eyes tied on a size 8 salt hook.

I fished my version of a swimming nymph that was so successful for me last week. It took awhile to get a fish keyed in to it, but I mainly attribute this to the colder weather. Ambient air temps took a nosedive this past week with a 30-40 degree drop. It was a very comfortable 53 degrees this afternoon. I did have to slow my approach down a bit, and leave my fly sit for awhile between strips. After finding what kind of a presentation the fish wanted I hooked up with my first fish of the day.

The horizon was starting to get dark as it had been misting and drizzling on and off all day long. Pretty dreary out with all the clouds, which made trying to find my fly line on the water difficult as the clouds reflected too well on the water. I switched over to my zebra midge pattern and on my second cast, connected with a fish.

I quickly got my fly back out there and picked off another fish on back to back casts.

By now, the clouds were rolling in pretty dark and heavy so my wife and I packed it up and headed in. By the time we got on the road home, the rain had started coming down hard. Perfect timing. Not bad for an hour's worth of work.

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