September 6, 2008

goodies in the mail

Thanks to KB of A package of goodies arrived this afternoon in the mail, including a rare skein of bernat boa in mallard. This stuff is incredibly hard to find, and there are doubts as to whether or not it is still in production. I have my doubts.

KB was creating some wonderful things with the stuff, chiefly inspired by the good Sister Carol Anne Corley and her grass carp fly. I hope to tie up some tasty patterns of my own, to better suit the waters of MN. KB's clam fly will be a good start for inspiration. I hope to tie up a bunch of prototypes tonight so that I am able to field test them thoroughly tomorrow.

Thanks again Keith.

1 comment:

  1. Cut straight to the Crayfish, it'll be up Monday morning. This fly is death on bass, I couldn't get it near any of the Carp - the bass would intercept it before it went four feet..