January 12, 2007

Trout Time

Tomorrow morning begins the winter stream trout season in Minnesota lakes. As usual, I will be out before sunrise on the opener again. I’ll most likely be setup in the shallows, sight fishing in about 3-5 feet of water. Usually the rainbow trout are out cruising these flats for insect larvae. Finesse plastics work well in these situations, although I usually prefer to fish a small jig or spoon tipped with waxies or euro larvae. I may sneak out to a little deeper water later in the day. There are some bruiser brood stock fish that cruise the lake. I have yet to hook up with one of these fish, but when they were stocked in 2005 they were in the 5+ pound range. Maybe this will be the year I finally land one of these brutes.
Good luck to all the other anglers making their way out this weekend to fish for stream trout. Tight Lines!

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