January 23, 2007


What better way to compliment a new fly rod than with a new reel? I just ordered a new Battenkill Mid-Arbor V reel and spool. I opted for the titanium finish, which will compliment the reel seat on my new 9 weight rod. I actually ordered the new reel, not because I needed a match for my new rod, but because I needed homes for the new fly lines I got last month.
My current 9 weight reel is an Albright General Practitioner. It is a sufficient reel, but nothing magnificent. The reel is a large arbor model and constructed from cast aluminum, it has a center disc drag. Cast aluminum is not known for its durability, especially for big game fish. In addition, extra spools for the reel go for $55. I needed two. For just $19 more than what I would have paid for the Albright spools, I ended up with a new reel and spool machined from bar stock aluminum, a sealed center disc drag, and an Orvis unconditional guarantee. Plus, the Battenkill MA reel won Fly Rod and Reel magazine’s prestigious Kudos award in 2005. The Albright reel will now be delegated to backup duty. My new reel should be pretty sweet!

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