January 27, 2007

Trout Finally!

I finally got out this season to chase some rainbows. I got up at 530 and headed out the door shortly after, since I loaded up the truck the night before. I arrived at the park, and I settled into my spot on the shallow flats just about an hour before sunrise. I got my first trout right at 730. It was still dark out, and trout are sensitive to light and sounds, so I fished in the dark. Because I was so shallow, and since trout often come in to a bait quickly and leave just as fast, a flasher is just about useless. As a result, I was fishing “blind”, so to speak. I had to wait until I felt a fish on before I could set the hook. I missed two fish this way. I ended up catching one more fish in the dark. The action was slow until about 915, when the sun broke over the hills. Then the action picked up and I caught three more bows in about a half hour stretch. Two of those fish put up a pretty good fight.

It was nice to have the whole lake to myself this morning; nice and quiet . It was good to be out again!

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