December 1, 2014

Pass the Cocktail Sauce

Pass the Cocktail Sauce
Lipton's Cocktail Sauce:
Hook: Scorpion Venom 2X, Size 8
Thread: UNI Thread, 6/0 Black
Tail: Ultra Chenille, Micro, Olive
Case: Furry Foam, Tan
Body: Roughfisher's custom dub, UV Gold
Legs:: Krystal Flash, UV Tan; Coyote guard hair, coyote underfur
Eyes: #3 (2.4 mm) ball chain, black
Weight: Two strands .025 Lead wire

This fly is patterned after mysid (opposum) freshwater shrimp. Most shrimp range less than 25 mm (1 inch) in length. While mostly common to the Great Lakes basin, mysid shrimp have been introduced to certain tailwaters in the western US. This pattern, however can be tied small enough to mimic other freshwater amphipods like scuds, or even a bit larger to imitiate brackish water and saltwater shrimp species. The pattern can be tied several color variations to match the local forage.

Cocktail Sauce
Notes: The fly profile may appear to be less realistic tied hook side up compared to a traditional style tied fly (hook side down, body/legs covering hook gape and hook point). Having the fly tied hook side up, however, should allow for increased hook ups and greater hook penetration, especially when sight fishing on the flats. The ball chain eyes are tied double truck style on top of the hook shank, and there are two strands of lead wire tied on the top of the hook shank just behind the eyes. This should help your fly land hook side up and keep it riding that way.

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