August 14, 2012

Carp Slam 6

Yes, the rumors are true. No, I am not giving up carping to pursue the world of alien trout species... I will be competing in this year's Carp Slam on the South Platte in Colorado. And no, I didn't need to take a shot of penicillin after my last visit to Denver.

Carp Slam 6
I will be participating in Carp Slam 6 this year, alongside industry pros like Barry, Reynolds, Kevin Morlock, Luke Bever, and Kirk Deeter. Pretty Humbling really, especially since I've seen firsthand what Kevin and Kirk can do with a fly rod and carp. It will also be great to hook up with buddies Will Rice and Michael Gracie (not competing this year), as well as finally get a chance to meet up with Alex Landeen, Nate Taylor, and last year's Slam Champ, Trevor Tanner, perhaps better known as McTage of Fly Carpin.

This tourney exists for one reason, and that's for Denver Trout Unlimited to raise money for the South Platte. Since stream restoration and habitat improvement are near and dear to me, and my bread and butter when the fly rods are tucked away in their cases, you can easily see why I'd get involved with such a worthy cause. So be a sport and help me raise a few dollars for the fish by donating a few of your hard earned dollars to the cause. Trust me, those dollars will be well spent!