January 11, 2012

New Year Carp

It might not be pretty or a monster, but I'm on the board for 2012. Plus this carp has an interesting color pattern around it's eye. It looks like it kicked back a few longnecks, got into a bar fight and got shived by some punk ass bottom feeding walleyes and needed stitches, leaving a pretty bad ass scar. This may be the local Tony Montana of the carp population.

January Car
The first carp of the new year came surprisingly early, merely days into the year. Of course, while winter carping is entirely possible, it is an anomaly around these parts due to sub freezing temperatures, snowpack, and subsequent inundation of shore and anchor ice. Not to mention that water temps below 39 degrees put the fish into an incredible funk, measurably reducing feeding activity. Nonetheless, this non-winter we've been experiencing up here in the Great Brown North provided a few obscenely warm 50 degree plus days in the dead of January. I'll take what I can get. Any day you can bring a carp on the fly to hand is a good day.


  1. That is pretty interesting. Maybe his mom dropped him on his head like the guy from goonies. Way to start 2012 though!

  2. Myself? I find very few carp not comely. That almost looks surgical. And a very lovely orange gold. Too cool, I drool. (Really despite the first grade poem.)


  3. The coolest thing about that shot is your reflection while shooting shows up in the fish's eye.