February 4, 2011


M&P 15-22 MOE
I want, no NEED one of these. Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 MOE Edition Rifle, for the mall ninja in all of us.


  1. Running low on squirrel or rabbit skins?

  2. Sounds like you have some B@wfishers in your sights....

  3. DP got me thinkin' there are a couple things I never understood about bowfishing:

    1. Where do I attach the tippet?
    2. How do I "cast" it properly? I'm always worried I'll spook, or worse yet hit, the fish
    3. Lastly, are their tungsten lines or arrows available to get the fly deep?

  4. should be illegal. they are good for one thing. killing people.

  5. hey you anonymous meathead, cars kill more people everyday than firearms do. I suppose we should make them illegal too?

  6. dear anonymous the first-

    while this toy is clearly threatening to you, it really is made to murder small, cuddly, fuzzy critters (the occasional intimidating paper target, as well) not people.

    just thought you should know.

  7. Tony:

    1) really light tippet (2-4 lb test- expensive fluorocarbon is the best- and use lots and lots of it) then tie it to the hole in the tip of the arrow.

    2)Double haul is key... but a roll cast can work in a pinch too.

    3) Tungsten works great! Platinum and titanium are much better. Use Ultra thin carbon fiber arrows with fletching made from feathers from Andean condors. A rocket can be attached to ensure that it gets deep enough- like 2-300 feet deep for those deep feeding carp.

  8. For six hundred bones might as well get a real one.

  9. true dat my portly friend, but the wife and kids will be able to shoot this rifle and I'll be able to feed it. Those .223 cartridges have gotten damn expensive....