October 12, 2010

Talk Dirty To Me

Peacock dubbing blends
Take some peacock dub and add a dose of some purple haze. The only thing missing from most commercial peacock dubbing blends is a little iridescence. Some brands will throw in a little Angelina, which is good and all for a coarser blend. But if you're looking for a smooth blend with a subdued hint of iridescence, purple antron is the way to go.

Peacock Poison
I used a blend of nine different shades of green, yellow, blue, and purple antron. This spectral dubbing blend more closely resembles the true vibrance of real peacock, than other blend I've seen. The result is a sexy concoction of fibers, a lethal dose Peacock Poison.

1 comment:

  1. That's the sickest peacock blend I've ever seen! And I'm color blind, so it must be even better. Finding a good peacock dub has haunted me for years. You are a true master of the art.