May 12, 2010

Prairie Yarns

Ironstone super alpaca
Did some scoping around for a "local" yarn shop and stumbled across a cool little yarn store located in Fargo called Prairie Yarns. They had some of the most wonderful skeins of yarn I have ever seen. It was like looking into a page from Singlebarbed's big book of twine, only I didn't have to go through a virtual experience of peering into a musty warehouse in Turkey through a liquid crystal display. I also didn't have to take a gamble and end up with 19,528 miles of a material I didn't really want.

red yarn
green yarn
Ironstone Super Alpaca: 20% Alpaca, 36% Wool, 44& Acrylic. Made in Italy. 50g balls = 100 yds. Each skein contains a nice spectral composite of fibers, thereby reducing my time at the blender when mixing up a dubbing blend. The best thing about my visit is that I took a tip from Singlebarbed's Book of Charm and schmoozed with one of the owners into sending me a bunch of raw fiber samples from exotic furbearers like camel, buffalo, yak, and qiviut. She also gave me an invaluable tip on how to acquire said hard to obtain fibers and more, for free. Score. I liked the place so much, I even took Mrs. Roughfisher for a visit recently.

Chalk another one up for the roughfisher.

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  1. That green yarn looks awesome as is. I am going to have to keep my eyes peeled for the stuff.