October 10, 2008

Switch it up

I have been contemplating picking up a switch rod since last winter. I've debated the utility of owning one on numerous occasions. Although I came close to pulling the trigger on a switch rod, I instead opted for the longer single hand rod (10') to see if that would accomplish what I wanted and needed on the water. It turned out, over the course of this season, that the rod performed beautifully, but that I was always trying to reach a spot on the river about 5-10 yards further than I could roll cast. I found myself starting to utilize two handed casting techniques, without knowing the formal names of the casts, in order to reach this section of water. It worked because I was able to reach fish that really seem to hold well in that stretch of river. BIG fish. It appears that I should have went with the switch rod all along.

I'd like to pick up a switch rod over this winter, though I haven't decided if I want to get a Scott T2H 10'8" 8wt, or a Beulah 7/8 Switch rod. New for 2009, the Scott A3 11' 8 wt might be worth a look at only $335. The quality and craftsmanship of Scott rods are remarkable. They make some sweet sticks. But the Switch Rod series designed by R.B. Meiser for Beulah look intriguing. I'd like to get a hold of Beulah sometime in the near future and talk to them regarding their switch rods and lines, as well as discuss the possibility of building a carp rod. Now that would be cool.

So beware all ye blueliners out there, the apocalypse is near. The revolution is upon us as fellow patriot KB will soon be joining the ranks of the switch rod army. Come join us as we march along brown stained rivers, two-handed rods in hand.

Come join the brownline revolution.

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