October 30, 2008

F5, refresh

roughfisher.com is getting a facelift. You may notice some irregularities with the blog site over the next few days. Some of the major changes to the layout include a WIDER body, a third column, some header and graphics changes, as well as a sell out to the corporate shill.

The web page content on roughfisher.com will soon be dissolved, as Google is phasing out their Page Creator and supporting development of Google Sites. I'll be transitioning everything back to the blog, and will eventually streamline the URL to roughfisher.com (dropping the blog.*). The Blogger interface has been much easier to work through compared to GPC, as the Google servers would not allow users to execute AJAX/perl/php scripts, and other rudimentary functions now standard on many web servers. I spent more time trying to dumb things down to Java, in frustration, and waster my time more than anything else. It's been a failed experience, that fortunately had some good learning value.

The Trout Underground's recent redesign to a 550px body width has left many viewers expecting to see widescreen photos become the standard on angling blogs. Singlebarbed didn't stray far behind and followed suit with some graphical header changes. I'm just trying to keep up with the Joneses. Not to be outdone, roughfisher.com is now coming to you in 580px body width.
Eat your heart out Tom Chandler.

- the roughfisher


  1. You mutz, why let Google muck up your blog when you can host your own with Wordpress (and muck that up yourself)?

    Sure, you brownliners are an uncouth, messy lot, but if you ever want to roll your own (blog), let me know.


  2. Typical...

    A blueliner shows up and makes noise about our wrinkled shirt, or stained vest - then expects we won't rough him up a bit just for the fun of it?

    Empty beercans never hurt anyone ... now hush while John Paul and I flip a coin for your rod.

  3. This is typical - a blueliner extends a hand in blog-related friendship to those less fortunate, and this is his reward.