June 10, 2008

The rivers down in SE MN are flowing chocolate milk and are blown out. Even the Whitewater, which wasn't hit nearly as hard as the Root River system last weekend, was up pretty good. Many streams in the region were at or near bankfull. On the Root, Preston and Lanesboro are dealing with some flooding. Suffice to say, I did not attempt to drift a fly this week.

The forecasted 2-4" + for tomorrow and Thursday will not help situations at all, as the ground is pretty saturated. This does not bode well for project work slated for the North Branch of the Root. Work will be delayed for a couple of weeks, minimum. This may not be all bad though. Even though July in SE MN can feel like a sauna, carp fishing should be in full swing by then. Also, Wendy Berrell will be back from Oregon fishing with John Montana, so we should be able to do some plundering and hook in to some nasty fish.

In the meantime, It's been way too long since I've pulled a fly from a beefy buglemouth. I need to hit the water this weekend. Bad. Esoxer will be in town, hopefully looking for a break from boat fishing. It would be nice to have company on the river for a change.

Carp Ho!

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  1. Here is an entry from 7/8/08:

    Could be good trout fishing (although thick streamside veg) AND good carping.