June 1, 2008

My daughter is a pro.

We took her over to a local lake by my office this morning, for her first time fishing. I rigged up her Princess pole with a size 10 aberdeen hook , a small split shot, a weighted float, and half a crawler. I helped her cast off of the fishing pier into an area of submergent vegeation, where fish were likely holding. Within a minute her float was under and a fish was on. She reeled in the fish like she had been doing it her whole life. Her first catch was a pumpkinseed.

Now all she says around the house is fish, or as she says, "pesch".
I think I've got her hooked for life.


  1. That last shot could go either way, she either discovered sushi - or is insisting it's her new pet.

  2. probably sushi; she wolfed down a quarter of a brick of kamaboko (surimi/fish cake) with dinner the other night.

    She already has a pet pumpkinseed at home. You should have seen her watch me feed it a shiner this evening. Intense. She was glued to the tank.

  3. She's thinking about fish, and that is good.

  4. very nice...love it. my daugher is 3, and only wants to fish for two things: Carp, and Golden Dorado. She saw the golden dorado on a fishing show one time and it stuck with her.