May 12, 2007

Season's Greetings

I didn't go out at midnight to greet the 2007 MN Fishing opener, but instead hit the sunrise bite at the local trout pond.
It was pretty quiet out there this morning. I was the first one on the lake, and only a couple of other anglers were out there (when I was leaving), though more were coming in after I packed up. I saw quite a few loons, ducks, 5 bald eagles, and 4 deer on the way to the lake. Normally you will see/hear turkeys out there, though it was a little early in the day yet.
I managed to catch 5 trout within the span of just under an hour. The biggest was just over 17", a couple around 15" and the other two around 14". There was some tail dancing on the water this morning; it's been way too long since the last dance (October '06). I didn't have much time to kill this morning, so I left the fly rod at home. All fish were caught on Powerbait Turbo Dough.
The best part of the day was the fact that I didn't get rained on and it wasn't windy. I can't remember the last opener where the weather was cooperative...
Today was about as good as it gets: No crowd, a good bite, nice weather, and no bugs.

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