March 9, 2015

Latergrams - Week 11

I'm back from the annual meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Here are a few interesting tidbits to pass along of the work on #roughfish. Bigmouth and smallmouth buffalo, common carp, and other roughfish species have been captured, tagged, and tracked to monitor their movement and migration patterns in the Upper Mississippippi River in order to better understand the movement of asian carp. The side benefit to asian carp research is finally having some of our underutilized native fishes get the research attention they deserve. Also, for likely the first time, anglers participating in a creel survey in SE MN identified white sucker as their primary target species, so much so that they represented a statistically important 0.02% of anglers. Small potatoes perhaps, but definitely a start! Roughfish are finally starting to get some respect! #fisheriesmanagement #minnesota #fisheriesresearch #suckerlove

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