February 2, 2015

Lipton's Carp Crack: An IGFA World Record catching fly pattern

Meredith McCord recently swept all seven IGFA tippet class world records for smallmouth buffalo, under the guidance of Captain Kirk Kirkland. That's a pretty remarkable feat, and congratulations are definitely in order! Meredith is quite the accomplished angler with several IGFA records under her belt, and Capt Kirk is the foremost authority on guiding for gar. He has ammassed over 100 IGFA world records for all gar species. He's even guided Jeremy Wade of River Monsters fame for alligator gar.

I love fishing for buffalo, and it's always great when buffalo and other native roughfish species get some positive press and publicity. They certainly deserve respect! It was a pleasure to see Meredith's records show up on my social media news feeds and to observe all of the positive feedback she recieved for her catches. It wasn't until I read the photo descriptions and comments that I noticed something that came as a complete surprise, her record catches were caught using a Carp Crack fly! I messaged Capt Kirk to verify that the fly Meredith mentioned using was indeed my pattern and not another pattern of the same name. After seeing a photo I sent him of my pattern, he confirmed that the pattern supplied Meredith with was indeed my Carp Crack pattern. Wow, I was truly surprised!

Meredith McCord and her IGFA record smallmouth buffalo caught on Lipton's Carp Crack
I have another item to add the growing list of life accomplishments, and perhaps one of the more flattering (and unexpected) ones, I designed a world record catching fly pattern. Ha! Time to add that one to the résumé.

Lipton's Carp Crack
A big congratulations to Meredith McCord and Capt. Kirk Kirkland for your accomplishments, thank you for using my fly pattern, and thank you for letting me share your photos and story!

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