November 12, 2014 - an extensive resource on redhorse and other suckers
I've known about Olaf Nelson's website for several years now, and I felt it was due to share with the masses again this fantastic resource for redhorse, sucker species of the Genus Moxostoma. These beautiful, native fish, are often misidentified in the field, and many times even after obtaining a good photographic record of the catch. Fret no further, is your source for redhorse information and identification!

Redhorse can often be a difficult, tricky species to identify properly, especially if you aren't familiar with them or other native sucker species. The proper ID of redhorse can even be a challenge for fisheries professionals. Olaf provides a great downloadable resource of idenitification guides and cheat sheets for redhorse. These handy field guides should provide little doubt out on the water when it comes to properly identifying your catch. I know of serveral state fisheries biologists who use this resource out in the field, so don't feel ashamed for needing it too! Olaf also has prints available for sale on his Etsy page.

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