April 17, 2014

Yeti Sighting! - Northern Minnesota

Yeti Sighting! - Northern Minnesota
As the snowpack is finally diminishing here in northern Minnesota there have been some strange sightings as of late. Most recently has been a confirmed sighting of a YETI in Detroit Lakes. I intially spotted the YETI out of the corner of my eye. I was unsure of what exactly I saw, wondering if my eyes had been playing tricks on me. It's not uncommon for mirages to appear over snow, much like the apparition of water in a desert. But a YETI? Something came tumbling out of the woods, right at my truck. I came to a screeching halt as my front tire made contact with the object. What was it? I hopped out of the truck to see just exactly what it was.

YETI roadkill
I couldn't believe I was seeing this with my own eyes, a YETI in Detroit Lakes! A perfectly unscathed specimen too! Wow, the press will have a field day with this one! I quickly looked over the YETI for any signs of injuries and none were to be found. I quickly secured the YETI in the cab of my truck and made haste back to the Roughfisher Command Post.

YETI secured
After a closer inspection back at home base, I identified the YETI as a 50 quart specimen from the Tundra. A beautiful specimen indeed! There was so much potential with this YETI! I was practically giddy with excitement, dreaming of all the possibilities for good times I can share with the YETI! Think of all the fishing and camping trips we can go on! I can't wait to dress up my YETI. I'll be sure to post stories of my new YETI's adventures. Stay tuned!

The abominable snowman!
Thanks YETI!

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