February 26, 2014

Lipton's Crushtacean

Lipton's Crushtacean
Perhaps better suited for the salt flats, this shrimp pattern will provide plenty of protein to any freshwater predator.

Lipton's Crushtacean
Lipton's Crushtacean:
Hook: O'Shaugnessy, Stainless, Size 6
Thread: UNI Thread, 6/0 Fire Orange
Tail: Calf Tail, gray
Body: Roughfisher's custom seal sub dub, DSP Grey
Underwing: Krystal Flash, UV Tan
Wing: Calf Tail, gray
Thorax: Ruffed Grouse; Roughfisher's custom seal sub dub, DSP Grey
Antennae: Centipede Legs, Medium, Gray.
Eyes: #8 (5/32") bead chain, black

Lipton's Crushtacean
Notes: Eyes are tied in double wide, i.e. four beads on the chain instead of the normal two. This is also known as "hammerhead" style. Not only does this provide a wider profile, it also adds a bit of rattle and movement.
Antennae can be trimmed to length, if preferred.
This pattern is tied to imitate a forward swimming shrimp; if a rear swimming shrimp is preferred, simply move the bead chain to the rear of the hook instead of behind the hook eye.

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