January 6, 2014

Crawfish Boil

Craw DiddyCraw Diddy
Lipton's Craw Diddy
Hook: Umpqua U502 (1X Strong O'Shaugnessy), Size 4
Thread: UNI-Thread, 6/0, Brown
Antennae: Calf/Kiptail, Rusty Brown
Claws: Centipede legs, Medium, Brown (Or other rubber/silicone legs)
Eyes: 5/32" bead chain, Black
Body: 3 strips .025 lead on top of hook shank; Roughfisher Spectral Seal Sub Dub, Cinnamon
Shell: Latex, 1/8", Brown
Rib: UltraWire, Brassie, Blue
Tail: Calf/Kiptail, Rusty Brown
Weedguard: 50# Hard Mono, Green

Craw Diddy
Craw Diddy

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