March 5, 2013

CarpPro Issue 2

Dudes and dudettes , you're doing yourself all a disservice if you haven't yet checked out Issue Two of the revamped CarpPro magazine. Not only is it free, but there is extensive coverage of the 2013 Fly Swap to end all fly swaps, held by CarpPro pro staffer Trevor Tanner. I'm talking serious fly porn here folks. Arguably the best fly swap on the internet hands down, all species included. And as always, tons of carp content.

CarpPro Issue 2
Of special note is a call out to all you janky carpers out there from Will Rice. The Blue Monkey Challenge. Page 74. Do it now!

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  1. Have you ever fished at Lake Fork? Amazing spot to catch big. I try to go most seasons. Some great carp fishing there!