February 12, 2013

F3T Destination Minneapolis

I know it's a week late, but sometimes for us old timers it take a little extra time to recovery from a grand old party ;-). I just want to thank everyone who braved the snow and made it out to the F3T showing in Minneapolis.

the F3T
An unexpected 4 inches of snow eerily calmed down a usually rambunctious and raucous crowd in Minneapolis. Dare I say they were almost civilized? As was the case the past several years, the film tour stop in Minneapolis easily sold out of all of the available tickets, and patrons packed the Parkway Theater. Standing room only. Perhaps this may be the call for adding another night to the tour in Minneapolis? Anyone?

3M rules
packed house
Probably the most refreshing sight to take in at the tour this year was the high number of women attending the show. This is the most notable amount of women I have seen at the F3T since they started coming to the Minneapolis, and I wasn't the only one who observed this. The highlight of the evening came when the father of a 9 week old won the Rock Grip Wading boots from Patagonia. The film goer was pumped since he "never wins anything", I was more pumped that his wife and the 9 week old were both in attendance as well. Got to start 'em young!

As usual, it was great reconnecting with old friends, seeing some new faces, and BSing with the film tour crew. Until next year....

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